Non Contact Voltage Detector


VOLTCHECK- is a safety device designed to Detect any AC voltage and Induced voltage presence on live conductor from 230V to 765kV AC 50Hz overhead Power lines in HV and EHV switch yards, Distribution lines, Transmission Lines, Industries and Power plants.


The VOLTCHEK is a variable non-contact voltage detector. A proximity device, which detects the presence of an alternating electric or electromagnetic field. It is used by industry professionals, for live or dead voltage determination of outdoor overhead or underground URD test points. Initially it is used as a proximity device to determine live or dead situations and then as a touch device to verify the source has physically reached the zero AC field. This is the only equipment capable of testing all voltage ranging from AC 230V to 765kV from a distance, beyond arcing zone.

Key functions

• Detection of Voltage presence on Overhead Power line.

• Detection of Voltage presence in underground cable at URD test point.

• Can also be used to detect level of induction voltage present in the uncharged line.

• Detection from beyond arcing zone.

• Indicators: High Intensity flashing Light & Buzzer

• Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Operation

• Range from 230V up to 765kV all in one unit.

• Automatic Continuous Inbuilt – Self Check function

• Universal Sunrise Connector for ease of attachment to a hot stick.

• Type Tested from CPRI, as per IEC standards

• Continuous self-testing signal to avoid ambiguity.




1. VOLTCHEK High Voltage Detector is designed to detect live/Induction voltage presence on overhead line (bare conductor), busbars, Isolators & other Electrical apparatus in the switchyard.

VOLTCHEK The High Voltage Detector Probe has a unique capability to warn the user of the presence of high voltage, from a safe distance and is exceptionally sensitive. Highest safety standards are used, so as to avoid any danger to the operating personnel under normal conditions.

An operator having the choice of selectable sensing voltage, can choose between – 230V/415V/6.6kV/ 11kV/ 33kV/66kV/132kV/220kV/400 KV and 765kV


VOLTCKEK Non-Contact High Voltage Detectors are routinely used in Power Line maintenance, for safety practices to ascertain the zero-voltage presence on the Overhead lines, before commencing any of the maintenance works.

VOLTCHEK Non-Contact Voltage detector is designed to detect, AC live voltages or Induced voltage present on Overhead Transmission Lines from 230V to 765kV level.

There is a wide range of voltage selector switch, which helps user to confirm the level of Induced voltage present in a powered down Line.

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