Transmission Line Commissioning Test

Detect Corona in Substation and Transmission Line

Transmission Line Commissioning Test

Happiest moment for Transmission Line Construction Contractor and Utility engineers is when the new line on which they are working for months or years perhaps is getting commissioned successfully.
It is very important that, the line must get commissioned or charged without any tripping at first instance. This saves time, money and reputation of the company.
When a new line is constructed, everything is new – Conductor, Insulator, hardware, tower, earth wire…. everything. But the reason for not charging the line at first instance is poor quality of workmanship. The errors /mistakes made during constructing the line must be identified and corrected before commission the line.
We Taurus Powertronics provide following services as “Transmission Line Commissioning Test” package to identify flows in the new line which could cause hurdles in commissioning the line.

  1. Visual Inspection of the entire structure and line
  2. Tower Footing Earth Resistance
  3. GPS Location
  4. Signature Analysis

Visual Inspection of Transmission Line

Visual Inspection is done from the ground level and by climbing the tower. Using digital camera all components of tower are captured from top to bottom. Apart from tower components, conductor and it’s components too are checked.

Following items are covered in visual inspection

Tower Stub Condition, Bottom earth wire, Missing nut bolts, Step Bolts, Anti climbing devices, Tower members, Danger Board, Phase plate, number plate. Clearance with Ground, tree, road, Railway track, Telephone and other transmission lines. Condition of Armoring, Vibration Damper, Arcing horn, Spacer, Bird Guard, Split pin, Mid-span joint, Repair Sleeve. Condition of the Insulator like Broken disk, Contaminated, Flash Over, polluted disks. Condition of Conductor H/w and Earthwire H/w.

Tower Footing Earth Resistance

High energy generated during a lightening stroke must be discharged immediately through the tower body. The Tower legs earthing should provide least resistive path to this high energy. It is possible that sometimes the earth condition is not supportive and can cause disasters during lightening.

We Taurus offer testing and measuring of Tower Footing Earth Resistance, Impedance and Visual Inspection of Earthing provided to the tower. This is done without removing earthwire at the top of the tower but the virtual isolation of tower is done.
We carry out this test as per IEEE guidelines by injecting High Frequency more than 25 kHz. Each Leg to which earthing is provided is visually inspected for any damage or cut. Resistance & Impedance is checked for each tower. Widely accepted Falloff Potential Method is used. Report are submitted in printed and digital format.

Tower Footing 3

GPS Location

The real world Geographical Location plays very important role mainly in navigating or to reach the exact location at the earliest.
During any breakdown, men and mach carry out the restoration work. But sometimes they reach a wrong spot due to miscommunication or inability in explaining the exact location by the coordinating staff. Relays and Fault locator indicate the distance of the fault in terms of Line Length. The distance by road or aerial distance to the fault location is always different. The physical location is identified by totaling the span lengths in the available “Tower Schedule” at substation. If this “Tower Schedule” is updated with Geo positions, it is much easier to identify the exact location indicated by relay and fault locator.

Now, with the usage of smart phones becoming quite common, if the Geo Location is communicated, the restoration staff can reach the site quickly and easily.

We create a special Google Map to show your Transmission Line and its each tower with Geo Location. This kind of ready map is very helpful in understanding the terrain and also it is easy to explain the maintenance staff the route and the surrounding area.
The day is not too far when we will be able to see real time pictures in Google Maps just by providing the Geo Location. This Service is included in this Package.

Signature Analysis

Signature Analysis: This is digital patrolling of the line, ideal for locating various faults in big transmission lines. Line Signature can identify the errors which are missed out in Physical Line Patrolling. It not only finds the fault in the new line, but the captured Line Signature can be used to compare the new unwanted development taken place in the line throughout its life.

Before commissioning the new line, based on the Signature captured, one need to visit the location indicated by the Signature, identify the actual problem and take remedial action.

Using our high-end product EHT 1250 MAX-3, we can identify followings before charging the line:

  • All type of OPEN circuit faults
  • All type of PHASE-to-PHASE faults
  • PHASE to EARTH faults
  • Phase sequence check
  • High Resistance Fault
  • Exact length of the Line (Conductor used)
  • Records the signature of the line for future analysis and maintenance.
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