Electric-focus Network Online Thermal Camera – IPT384

Electric-focus Network Online Thermal Camera – IPT384

Application field:
The IPT series is a compact electric-focus network online thermal camera. The applied uncooled focal plane infrared detector is used for accurate temperature measurement, featured with excellent performance and stable operation. IPT thermal camera is based on a standard Gigabit Ethernet interface with fully-featured terminal software and an easy-to-use SDK package. Multiple configurations are optional, flexible and easy to integrate

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  • IR detector 384x288, high performance thermal imaging
  • Gigabit Ethernet output, networkable, easy to use and flexible
  • Free professional display control software and SDK development kit


  • Industrial automation
  • Scientific research
  • Integration of UA

Technical Specifications

  • Gas-insulated high-voltage equipment, such as CT scanners, particle accelerators and electron microscopes
  • Medical monitoring and analysis, such as within Ophthalmology
  • Utilized as a cleaning agent within chemical vapour deposition (CVD) within semiconductor manufacturing
  • During magnesium production as a protective gas, to prevent rapid oxidation and spontaneous combustion


Detector type VOx
Detector resolution 384 × 288
Pixel size 17μm
Wavelength range 8μm to 14μm
NETD ≤ 60mK@30°C
Thermographic camera lenses 15mm, 25° x 19°
Focusing mode Electric / Automatic
Detail enhancement Supported
Noise reduction 2D/3D noise reduction
Pseudo colors 8 pseudo colors
Temperature measurement
Measurement range -20°C-150°C, -20°C-350°C or -20°C-150°C, 100°C-650°C (Alternative)
Measurement accuracy ±2°C or ±2% (whichever is greater)
Cold/ hot spot tracking Supported
Full-screen point temperature measuring Supported
Query and export of temperature measuring information Supported
Video compression standard IR video (compressed) without full-screen temperature information
Image coding formats IR JPG images with full-screen temperature information
Code stream Support compressed video
Protocol and storage
Network protocol RTSP, UDP, HTTP, TCP/IP, Onvif
System function
Language version Chinese/English
Browser Supported
Hardware interface
Power interface DC12V
Hardware Interface
Network interface Network reset port, power indicator, power interface (tightening), RS485, alarm output IO and Ethernet port
Alarm interface 1-channel input and 1-channel output
Other interfaces M3 screw thread(for 4 sides)
Working temperature -10°C to 50°C; -20°C to 60°C (Alternative)
Working humidity ≤ 95%, non-condensing
Size ≤88mm×60mm×60mm (lens included and external interface excluded)
Net weight ≤410g
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