Panel Board & Junction Box Rust Arresting Composite Coating

Panel Board & Junction Box Rust Arresting Composite Coating

Application field:

ENSEAL CR & HR is a ‘surface tolerant ’coating system that does not require abrasive blasting. It exhibits excellent adhesion to all types of ferrous metal as well as galvanized surfaces. Mechanical wire brushing, grinding or high pressure water blasting is typically acceptable to achieve good adhesion along with a single component, water based, breathable, ceramic-filled liquid which dries to a durable, seamless, flexible “skin” that refracts and reflects heat while providing a moisture resistant barrier to virtually any type of surface… including all types of insulation, plastics, concrete, brick, block, slate, tiles, wood, metal, etc.

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  • UV Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Water Based
  • Surface Tolerant
  • Adheres to... • Metal Decks • Roofs • Trailers • Sheds • Mobil Homes • Pre-fab Buildings • Pipes • Ducts • Tanks • Insulation • Cooling Towers

Technical Specifications


Technical Data OF ENSEAL HR

Unit Size: 20 kg / 8 kg
Color: White, Light Gray, Green, Brown, Safety Yellow
Finish: Satin
VolumeSolids: 58%
VehicleType: Water based elastomeric acrylic polymer.
Recommended Film Thickness: 12-14milsWFT percoat.7-8milsDFTpercoat.


Technical Data OF ENSEAL CR

Unit size: 15 liters
Color: White
Finish: Eggshell
Volume Solids: 56%
Vehicle Type: Water based, elastomeric acrylic polymer.
Shelf Life: 2 years (some settling may occur – mix before use).Storebetween41°F/5°Cand95°F/35°C.
DryingTime: Typically1hourundernormalambientconditions.Allow 24 hours before placing components /equipment backin service.
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