Transfix 1.6

Transformer DGA monitoring unit

The TRANSFIX is a 9-gas on-line transformer DGA monitoring unit. Using specially developed advanced photo-acoustic detection technology, the TRANSFIX measures all significant fault gases (in ppm) as outlined by international standards as well as moisture in oil (%RH & ppm). The measurement of these gases allows the user to detect and diagnose a complete range of transformer faults.

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  • DGA & Water : Nine gases (hydrogen, methane, ethane, ethylene, acetylene, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen) plus moisture.
  • Inputs/Outputs for additional sensors including load and oil temperature.
  • Hourly Sampling : Real-time DGA results down to once per hour.
  • Communication Options : Extensive local and remote communications options.
  • Alarm Settings : Sophisticated programmable alarm system.
  • Acceleration of sampling rate : automatic increase in sampling rates if gas concentrations exceed caution or alarm settings.
  • Minimal Maintenance – : Reduces expense and inconvenience for user.
  • Easy Installation : Simple, straightforward procedures.


  • Medium and large sized transformers.
  • Generation, Transmission and industrial transformers.
  • Medium/High/Critical risk and/or consequence of failure.
  • Complete transformer monitoring and diagnostics.

Technical Specifications


Uses photo-acoustic spectroscopy(PAS)for field proven highly repeatable results

Eight target gases plus Total Dissolved Combustible Gas(TDCG) value. Estimation of Nitrogen content for free breathing transformers

Suitable for transformers using mineral insulating oil and also ester-based oils(natural or synthetic)


Hydrogen(H₂) 5 – 5,000 ppm

Carbon Monoxide (CO) 2 – 50,000 ppm

Carbon Dioxide(CO₂) 20 -50,000 ppm

Methane(CH₄) 2-50,000ppm

Acetylene(C₂H₂) 0.5-50,000ppm

Ethane(C₂H₆) 2 – 50,000 ppm

Ethylene(C₂H₄) 2 -50,000 ppm

Oxygen(0₂) 100 – 50,000 ppm

Nitrogen(N₂)* 10,000-100,000ppm

Moisture(H₂0) 0- 100%RS(given in ppm)


Oxygen(0₂) ±10%

Nitrogen(N₂) ±15%

Allothergases ±5%or±LDL(whicheverisgreater)

Moisture(H₂0) ±3%

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