Application field: Luminar HD is OFIL’s flagship daytime handheld corona camera. It is a solar blind UV imager with outstanding detecting capabilities and excellent exposition of the detected issues. Luminar HD performs well outdoors and indoors, examining remote and nearby objects. The camera has a powerful zoom and flexible focus range that match inspection practices in the field of OH transmission lines, on the one hand, and of motors and stators in workshops on the other hand. Luminar HD cameras appeal to maintenance teams due to the integrity of their output, reliable performance, and data accuracy. To assist inspectors to distinguish between false alarm and real corona, Luminar HD operators can activate the noise reduction and signals amplification tools.

And, to see more details of suspicious objects, Luminar HD uses an excellent bright sun readable WVGA monitor to display the HD video. Luminar HD offers a friendly camera‐user interaction. Users interacts with the camera by clicking on buttons or through onscreen menu navigation. An extended run time battery and innate heating management ensure uninterrupted prolonged camera operation.

Data from the onboard GPS, voice annotations and humidity & temperature plug‐in sensor are attached to the recorded media adding meta data for data management and reports. The camera can be remotely controlled wirelessly.

Luminar HD is offered to utilities, maintenance contractors, HV laboratories, professional inspectors, thermographers, and companies with mounted system that need the handheld option.

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FUNCTIONALITY ‐ Provides instant accurate information about the condition of the inspected assets. Luminar HD displays corona signals and the discharging sources with indications of the discharge severity. Powerful zoom, gain control, corona magnification, false alarm removing, manual & auto focus, rainbow corona selection. The captured video clips and still images of corona include corona events counting, GPS data, ambient measured conditions, and audio narration added by inspectors.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES – robust, operates continuously without overheating, comfortable hands grip, electro‐magnetic shielding, IP 54, carried by a shoulder strap

MODE OF OPERATION – Manual and/or remotely controlled; simple straight forward operation via keyboard and featured menu, can be mounted on a tripod

TESTED CERTIFIED SENSITIVITY TO UV SOURCES – 1 picoColoumb (pC) of 15m (49.2 ft) enables seeing corona from distances of 3m (9.8 ft) up to 100 m (328 ft).

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES – Set of lenses for close up, TRH sensor

Technical Specifications

  • SPECTRAL RANGE - 240‐280 Solar Blind
  • SENSITIVITY - picoColoumb (pC) @15 m officially certified
  • RECOMMENDED WORKING DISTANCES - 3‐100m & 0.6m with close‐up lenses
  • FOV - 10º ‐ 1.6º Horizontal
  • LCD - 5” Folding 1000 cd/m2
  • WEIGHT - 2.2Kg
  • GPS - Built‐ in
  • Communication - Communication- WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet
  • ZOOM - Visible & UV
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