Transmission Tower Health Audit


Your Doctor to keep the Transmission Line Healthy

TTHA Package – Scope of the Work

Like human body, different parts of Transmission Line Tower behave differently when subjected to stress & strain. The stress could be caused by a lightning stroke from the sky, Heavy surges from switching station or heavy wind, rain, snow, fog, pollution etc. Apart from these stresses a loose joint or poor quality of material used while manufacturing Insulator, conductor, hardware, etc can cause tripping of the line resulting in heavy losses in terms of time money and health.

Transmission utilities across the world are trying hard to achieve the uptime at 100%. This can be done only by keeping transmission line and towers in healthy condition by continuous testing, monitoring and by carrying out regular preventive maintenance.

We Taurus Powertronics offer the package TTHA – Transmission Tower Health Audit to take care of your complete requirement of testing the Transmission Line. We collect the data, analyse it and suggest the remedial action. Hi-tech testing instruments and the State of the Art software is used to carry out this activity.

TTHA Package – Scope of the Work

  • Signature Analysis Capturing and Analysing the Signature of EHV lines.
  • Tower Leakage Current Measurement Measuring the leakage current of tower body
  • Ultrasound Scanning Checking insulators for possible deterioration
  • Hot Spot Detection Detecting hot spots on jumper joints
  • Corona Detection Corona scanning of each insulator string in the tower
  • Tower Impedance measurement Measuring, Resistance, Impedance & Inductance of each leg of the Tower as per IEEE guidelines.
  • Visual Inspection Inspecting various objects/ components on tower and the line such as Tower Stub Condition. Earthing. Missing nut bolts. Step Bolts. Anti-Climbing guard. Tower members. Danger Board, Phase plate, Number plate. Condition of Armouring, Vibration Damper, Arcing horn, Spacer, Bird Guard, Split pin. Insulator – Broken, Contaminated, Flash over, polluted. Condition of Conductor H/w and Earthwire H/w.
  • Data Analysis & Reporting Analysing the captured data and producing varies summary and detailed reports using State-of-the-art software.
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