Kronos Permanent Monitor

Kronos Permanent Monitor

Application field:
This on-line PD monitoring system is designed for monitoring the insulation condition of complete electrical networks to help avoid unplanned outages and improve reliability. Available with four, six and 24-channels for connection to the PD sensors on multiple assets. The monitors are connected to a server where the HVPD Kronos® Web View (a web-based platform) brings the asset condition data from multiple monitors and sites together in a simple user interface. This provides an ability to navigate across all sites and focus on the individual assets in just a few clicks.


  • Flagged PD activity & advice on timely remedial action are alerted by SMS text & email
  • 24-channel monitor captures up to six signal channels synchronously
  • Up to 24 sensor inputs to monitor multiple assets
  • Networked and communicated back to the server for data organization
  • Advanced on-line PD identification and noise separation
  • Remotely accessible



Technical Specifications

  • Analogue bandwidth : 50 MHz
  • Sample rate : 100 MS/s
  • Sample Memory (one channel): 2MPt
  • Minimum pulse rise time : 10 ns
  • Frequency Range :100 kHz - 50 MHz
  • Input Channels : 4/6/24
  • Input connection type : BNC
  • Input connection internal impedance : 50 Ω
  • Suitable PD sensors : HVCC, HFCT, TEV, AAP, SMART-TB3™, BTA
  • Data Capture Method : Multiplexed with synchronous acquisition on any 2/4/6x channels (depending on model)
  • Number of events captured per cycle : 500
  • Trace length in each data capture : 20 ms (1 x 50 Hz power cycle)
  • Maximum number of records stored : 2 years data. Records are automatically downloaded to the server
  • Data capture and processing time (One-channel) : ~10 s
  • Data capture and processing time (All channels) : ~60 s
  • Trigger : Automatic, external or AC line supply
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