PDD10 Partial discharge detector

PDD10 Partial Discharge Detector

Application field:The PDD 10A is a hand-held non-destructive inspection system which utilizes ultrasonic technology for predictive maintenance. The PDD 10A, Receiver, is the primary component in the system, detects and converts ultrasound into easily recognizable sounds with in the human range of hearing and supplies output to a stereo mini plug and data logger.

The PDD10detects ultrasonic waves generated during discharge due to poor contact/insulation fault of high-voltage electrical equipment, accessories, etc., and displays the sound pressure level by an LED bar meter, and at the same time, the sound emitted from the sound port determines the discharge location and magnitude. It is possible to detect partial discharge.

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  • It has the laser light pointer and can easily find the fault point.
  • Since PDD10captures the discharge sound synchronized with the commercial frequency, the effect of ambient noise is reduced to 1/30 compared to SE-15.

Technical Specifications

  • Reception frequency : 40kHz ± 1kHz
  • Directivity half width : Less than ± 3°
  • Measurable distance : 1~10m
  • Display method : Digital display of measured values
  • Reception sensitivity : 30~70bB
  • Display resolution : 1dB
  • Reception sensitivity setting distance : 2m
  • Target setting method : Laser light pointer
  • Power supply : AA alkali battery*4pcs
  • Operating temperature range : 0~40℃ Less than 85%RH w/o condensation
  • Storage temperature range : -10~50℃ Less than 85%RH w/o condensation
  • External dimensions : 152*126*278mm
  • Weight : 700g
  • Standard Accessories : Battery, soft carrying case, instruction manual
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