GE’s IntellixTM BMT 330

GE’s IntellixTM BMT 330

GE’s IntellixTM BMT 330 is an on-line system that continuously monitors the condition of the bushings and can also detect developing partial discharge (PD) activity in the transformer main tank. It will alert personnel of fault conditions at an early stage and provide vital health information on the bushings and the transformer

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  • Comprehensive monitoring of transformer bushings and PD activity on a bank of single-phase transformers
  • One product combining advanced on-line continuous bushing monitoring and partial discharge activity in the transformer main tank using the same bushing adapter
  • One diagnostic software, GE's Perception™, used for bushing information, PD activity and DGA data analysis, resulting in familiar easy-to-use information
  • One supplier installing, servicing, ensuring proper communication and minimizing administrative burden in order to lower the total cost of ownership of your transformer


Power Utilities

  • Enables condition-based maintenance of transformer bushings
  • Designed for various three phase configurations


  • Monitors bushing conditions to avoid unplanned production stoppage
  • Monitors PD in over-stressed assets in aluminium or steel mills


  • Detects arcing faults with transformers
  • Monitors bushing health to avoid catastrophic failures of transformers

Technical Specifications

  • Bushings Monitored Maximum 2setsof 3 bushings
  • Measurement Leakage current and relative phase angle
  • Currentrange 2to200mA
  • Sampling RateLFforbushing:100kHzHFforPD:100MHz
  • ResolutionCurrent:0.01mA
  • Phase angle: 0.01degree



  • %Change in Capacitance
  • %Change in Relative Power Factor


  • Amplitude of the PD pulses (pC)
  • Count of the PD Pulses (Units)
  • Partial Discharge Index (mW)
  • Phase Resolve Partial Discharge (PRPD)
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