Application field: UVollé cameras are light weight & compact handheld solar blind UV corona detection solutions for in/outdoor working environments, optimized for inspection distances of up to 30m (33 ft). UVollé camerasfeature an outstandingly bright LCD for inspectors to get a detailed view of objects even in full sunny conditions. UVollé cameras have an extended run time battery, effective for their ongoing uninterrupted operation without getting overheated. The pinpointed image of corona leads inspectors to faults’ location, reducing the time spent over faults investigation.

UVollé cameras are used by electrical utilities, fabs owners of high & med voltage installations, workshops,services contractors, manufacturers of componentsfor the electrical grid that need to perform quality tests, HV labs and other. Camera variants differ in their screen width and ability to record stills/video clips.

Moderately priced, UVollé professional solar blind cameras provide instant accurate imaging of existing corona or arcing and high‐quality recordings. Recordings are valuable for trending analysis and management reports.


FUNCTIONALITY ‐ UVollé displays live corona signals as they are getting discharged, revealing in real time their emitting sources while indicating corona severity. Zooming, gain control, manual & auto focus assist maintenance teams look into findings and further investigate. A protecting hood supportssunny working conditions while a powerful LED flashlight and backlit buttons support working in dark spaces. DayCor® UVollé captures corona events with additional overlaid information such as GPS temperature & humidity conditions and audio annotations, stores video clips and still images and provide for their playback.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES – X series have wide VGA 5″ LCD. Cameras are designed for comfortable hand grip and are carried by a shoulder strap.

MODE OF OPERATION – Manually or remotely controlled; On screen featured menu + swift hotkey buttons to the frequently used functions.

TESTED CERTIFIED SENSITIVITY TO UV SOURCES – Manually or remotely controlled; On screen featured menu + swift hotkey buttons to the frequently used functions.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES – Set of lenses for close up and wide FOV, TRH/GTRH sensors

Technical Specifications

  • SPECTRAL RANGE - 240‐280 Solar Blind
  • SENSITIVITY - 1 pC @ 12 m officially certified
  • RECOMMENDED WORKING DISTANCES - 1.5‐30m & 0.5‐1.5 with close‐up lens
  • FOV - 6.4º x 4.8º & 10º x 7.5º w/ext lens
  • LCD -(VX) 5” (VC) 4.3”
  • WEIGHT - 1.39Kg
  • GPS - Built‐ in
  • ANNOTATION. - Audio
  • ZOOM - Visible & UV