Application field: The Leaky Insulator Detector (LID) is a system which utilizes AC/DC Current sensor and Ultrasonic technology for predictive maintenance. The Leaky Insulator Detector (LID) has a Flexible clamp sensor and Ultrasound Receiver.

The Flexible AC/DC Clamp meter is specially designed sensor to measures the AC/DC leakage current in HVAC/HVDC Towers leg (caused due to the leaky insulator) and if the leakage current is greater than average value of nearby 10 towers, this will provide the primary information that the tested tower has leaky insulator and it is a leaky tower.

Ultrasound Receiver is based on Ultrasound Technology which picks Partial Discharge Ultrasound from a distance up to 100 meters and converts Ultrasound into audible sound with digital graph and analogue reading.

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  • Best Signal Sensitivity Available: As certified by NASA
  • Optional Instant: Ultrasound Data capture and Analysis.
  • Leakage current: Measures both AC/DC leakage current
  • Testing of Sub-station equipment, Distribution & Transmission lines
  • Indication and location of arcing or Corona Discharge. Measures body leakage current and Geo magnetic DC current created due to aperiodic rotation of earth.
  • Pinpoint faults at lightning Arrester, Bushings & Contaminated Insulator / Transformer.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply: Two (2) Standard AAA Alkaline Batteries (for laser) and one 9V alkaline battery (for Receiver unit)
  • Battery Life: > 45 Hours.
  • Sensitivity: Minimum Intensity 10-12 w/m2, Minimum ultrasonic Pressure 2.0x10-5 Pa@40 kHz.
  • Distance of Reception: Up To 100 meters.
  • Working Resonance Frequency: 40 kHz +/- 1.5 kHz.
  • Measuring Function: AC/DC Leakage/Line Current
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