Enelex Thermal Imaging

Introduction: Enelex thermal imaging systems are used in a number of applications including fire protection of coal stockyards and belt conveyors, product analysis and surveillance applications. The systems enable motion detection, temperature level detection, temperature trend monitoring in large or outdoor areas as well as advanced analysis based on application needs. The system is usually installed as the part of a CCTV surveillance system.

It is intended for perimeter protection, especially in difficult conditions. It can detect intruders in total darkness without any additional illumination,in fog, rain or through bushes. The thermal imaging cameras used detect the heat given off by objects, so it offers exceptional performance in detection of persons, animals or machines.

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  • Works in extreme climatic conditions, vibrations or mechanical load
  • Highly dust resistant
  • Air-cooled housing (HE168 COOL) for high temperatures
  • Highly resistant to electrical and electromagnetic noise
  • Simultaneous viewing in infrared and visible spectrum
  • Positioning controlled by local processing unit
  • Fully automatic operation
  • High temperature sensitivity (better than 0.1°C)
  • Determination of high temperature area location
  • False alarm filtering system

Technical Specifications

  • Fire hazard monitoring, preventing spontaneous combustion or loading of hot material
  • Coal stockyards, waste sites, petroleum and chemical industry, wood materials
  • Coal stockyards
  • Detection of very high temperatures even at a distance of several hundred meters, various alarm stages according to temperature levels
  • Outdoor detection, replacement of traditional detectors in demanding applications.
  • Detection of temperatures at individual points in the combustion area and temperature of equipment inside the boiler
  • Measurement of heating equipment surface temperatures
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