Kelman Transport X2

Kelman Transport X2 Series

Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) and moisture measurement of insulating fluids are recognized as the most important tests for condition assessment of fluid-insulated transformers. Every year asset owners deploy field crews to take thousands of fluid samples from transformers as part of periodic health checks and for immediate operational decisions. These samples are sent to offsite laboratories for analysis. Kelman™ Transport X² is a portable ‘lab in a box’ delivering detailed analysis with dramatically reduced turnaround times. In critical situations, the ability to perform DGA in less than 30 minutes on the spot, empowers asset owners to determine a transformer’s condition onsite and thereby allow operational decisions to be made at the earliest opportunity

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  • Supports mineral oil and ester fluids
  • Calibration and consumable gas free design for autonomous field operation
  • Robust design with IP67 rating when closed
  • Intuitive on-screen step-by-step instructions


  • Mission critical industrial transformers
  • Distribution transformers
  • Buchholz relay gas
  • Tap changer tanks
  • Instrument transformers
  • Oil filled circuit breakers

Technical Specifications


Hydrogen(H₂) 5–5,000ppm

Carbon Monoxide(CO) 2–50,000ppm

Operating Ambient Temperature 5–50°C(+41to+122°F)

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Carbon Dioxide(CO₂) 40–50,000ppm

Methane(CH₄) 2-50,000ppm

Acetylene(C₂H₂) 0.5-50,000ppm

Ethane(C₂H₆) 2-50,000ppm

Ethylene(C₂H₄) 2-50,000ppm

Measurement Accuracy* ±5 %or±LDL (Which ever is greater)

Moisture(H₂O) 0-100%relativehumidity

Moisture in Oil Accuracy ±3ppmor±3.5%RH

*Accuracy quoted is the accuracy of the detectors during calibration; gas-in-oil measurement accuracy may be affected by sampling, oil type, environmental conditions and/or product usage cycle.


±30 %, for all gases.


Automated head space gas extraction

Photo-acoustic spectroscopy (PAS) gas measurements (4thgen.)
Thin film capacitive moisture sensor
Oil and Buchholz gas injection utilizing syringes Mineral oil and ester fluid (natural & synthetic)Robust design and portable

Operating Altitude Maximum2,000m

Operating Pressure 760-1040millibar

Operating Humidity 10-95%RHnon-condensing

Power Supply 115–230VAC50/60Hz;40W

Enclosure IP67 (when closed)IP20(when operating)

Oil Sample Volume 50ml(Oil)

Gas Sample Volume 5ml(Buchholz Gas)

Dimensions 429mm x 328mm x 236mm (16.9in. x 12.9in. x 9.3in.)

Weight 9kg(20lb)

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