• The best monitor for determining harmonic distortion levels in the field use.
  • Measures leakage current, load current, voltage with true rms reading.
  • Small size, light weight, low cost.
  • Easy to use with clamp-on operation.

Measuring Ranges

All pass mode

AC Current (True rms)

Range Resolution Accuracy
400mA 0.1mA ±1.0% rdg ±8dgt
4A 1mA
40A 10mA
300A 100mA ±1.0% rdg ±1% of full scale

AC Voltage (True rms)

Range Resolution Accuracy Input impedance Max. input voltage
400mV 0.1mV ±1.0% rdg ±8dgt >10MΩ AC 250V rms
400V 100mV AC 450V rms


Range Resolution Accuracy Max. test current Open circuit voltage
4000Ω ±1.0% rdg ±8dgt 70μA 1.5V

※Input protection : 400V rms

Harmonics Mode

Measuring method : Synchronous filter
Measurable harmonics : Fundamental frequency to 25th harmonics.
Minimum fundamental input : More than 5% of full scale in each range.
Harmonics Accuracy (In case of more than 4% harmonics are included against fundamental input)
1〜9th (±1% rdg ±5dgt)±(Basic accuracy of ACA or ACV)-
(Error by neighboring harmonics)
10〜19th (±2% rdg ±5dgt)±(Basic accuracy of ACA or ACV)-
(Error by neighboring harmonics)
20〜25th (±5% rdg ±5dgt)±(Basic accuracy of ACA or ACV)-
(Error by neighboring harmonics)


General Specification

Measuring method : Dual integration mode with true rms reading
Measuring function : : Load current, leakage current,
harmonics current, voltage,
harmonics voltage, resistance
Safety standard : IEC 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-032
CATⅡ 600V, CATⅢ 300V
E.M.C. standard : EN 61326
Affection of magnetic fields : Less than 3mA (100A nearby conductor)
Display : 3 3/4 digit LCD, max. reading of 4000
Input frequency : 45Hz〜65Hz
Sampling time : 2 times/s
Over range indication : ”OL” mark on LCD readout
Low battery indication : “ mark on LCD readout
Data hold indication : ”DH” mark on LCD readout
Jaw opening capability : 40㎜φ
Withstanding voltage : AC 3700V/1 minute max.
(Between the core of CT and outer case)
Operating temperature : 0℃±40℃, < 80%RH (Non-condensing)
Storage temperature : -10℃〜60℃, < 70%RH
Power supply : 1.5V (“AAA” size, R03)×3
Power consumption : Approx. 13mA
Auto power off : The meter is set to power off mode at approx. 20 minutes after the power switch on.
Battery life : Approx. 50 hours continuous
(By manganese battery)
Size : 70(W)×223(H)×34(D)㎜
Weight : Approx. 440g
Accessories : Batteries …………………………3
Carrying case ………………….1
Instruction manual…………….1
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