Hotspot Detection

Detect Hotspots in Substation and Transmission Line

Hotspot Detection

Taurus STITAM offer to detect hotspots in Substation and Transmission Line using high end Thermovision camera. The main reason for developing hotspots in the system are loose joints. This happens due to poor workmanship, constant vibration or wear & tear of material. Hotspots are dangerous for the system and must be attended immediately to avoid breakdowns. A loose joint causes more resistance to current flow and hence get heated up. With the rising temperature the spot becomes hotspot and if not attended immediately, reaches to a breakdown point

Unless a hotspot becomes too prominent, it is not visible to naked eyes. A special camera is required to capture the Infra Red rays emitted by the hotspot. We Taurus offer to capture hotspot images using a high end thermovision camera. Our skilled engineer can easily distinguish between a real hotspot and sunlight reflection. Both, digital and IR images are captured and the temperature difference is presented in an easy to understand report.

Early detection of hotspot is useful to plan early action to save the equipments and tripping of line/substation. Most of the hotspots can be removed by tightening the nut bolts. The quality of work can be checked again by capturing the IR images of the same spot.

Hotspots are detected from ground or by using drone or helicopter.

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