Three phase fully automatic Transformer ratio meter

Three phase fully automatic Transformer ratio meter

Application field:The Eltel ATRM Plus is a microprocessor based, three phase, fully automatic Transformer Ratio Meter. This is designed to conduct turns ratio tests on Large Power & Distribution Transformers both in the shop floor and in charged switchyard conditions. Besides measuring the turn’s ratio, % ratio deviation, the ATRM Plus also measures the phase angle deviation between the tested windings. A perfect test object should show no phase angle difference between primary and secondary; the measured phase angle deviation is an indication of possible shorted turns or poor core quality. The Test Set excites the High Voltage (HV) winding and measures the output of the Low Voltage (LV) winding in a ratio metric circuit and displays the results on the LCD display.

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  • ARM 9 microprocessor controlled, fully Automatic measurement.
  • Wide selection of Excitation Voltages of 10V, 40V, 100V, 230V & 250V from front panel.
  • 4V Excitation voltage provided for CT measurements.
  • Ratio range of up to 5000; direct display of measured ratio. No conversions required.
  • Inductive voltage kickback suppressed by instrument protection.

Technical Specifications

  • Degree Range : ±0 to ±180°
  • Resolution : 0.01°
  • Accuracy : 0.05°
  • Centiradrange : ±0 Crad to ±314 Crad
  • Range : 0.1µΩ to 1000- auto ranged
  • Resolution : 0.01 crad accuracy 0.05 crad
  • Excitation current range : Up to 1A Accuracy ±0.5% ±2mA,
  • Test Voltages : 10Vac@ 1 amp, 40Vac @ 1 amp, 100Vac @ 0.5 amp, 230Vac @ 0.2 amp, 250Vac @ 0.2 amp & 4Vac @ 1 amp (CT)
  • Circuit : Transformer-Arm Bridge.
  • Power: 230V ±10%, 50Hz or 115V ±10%, 60Hz.
  • Dimensions : 485 X 380 X 205 (in mm) (L X B X H)
  • Weight: ATRM PLUS Approx 12 Kgs (Net weight), 15M CABLE Approx 9 Kgs (Net weight)
  • Environmental : –10˚ to 60˚C Operating –20˚ to 70˚C Storage Ambient to 90% R H.
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