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Application:A non-contact voltage tester (NCV tester), also known as a voltage detector, is an essential tool for identifying the presence of voltage in electrical systems. This information is invaluable for troubleshooting and addressing malfunctioning equipment. When dealing with potential electrical issues, a non-contact voltage detector is typically the primary instrument to use.

NCV tester or the brand name of the VOLTCHEK is a variable non-contact voltage detector, A proximity device which detects the presence of an alternating electric or electromagnetic field. It is used by industry professionals for live or dead voltage determination of outdoor overhead or underground at URD test points. Firstly, as a NCV tester to determine live or dead situations and then as a touch device to verify the source has physically reached the zero AC field.

This is the only equipment capable of testing all voltage from AC 415V to 765kV from a distance, beyond arcing zone. Safely and efficiently detect electrical currents without physical contact, ensuring a secure work environment. Our NCV tester is designed for accuracy and reliability, providing real-time voltage detection for your peace of mind.

Voltchek can check presence of AC voltage and induced voltage, it has a wide range from 230V to 765v AC in single unit. You can check the presence of voltage from a safe distance beyond arcing distance, with also continuous self test.

The Voltcheck is type tested as per the IEC standards. Comes with a ergonomic design, light weight and easy to use. It can also be mounted on a hotstick.

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NCV Tester Features

  • Detection of Voltage presence in underground cable at URD test point.
  • Detection of Voltage presence on Overhead Power line.
  • 2 in one function. Can also be used to detect level of induction voltage present in the uncharged line.
  • High Intensity flashing Light & Buzzer Indication.

NCV tester Technical Specifications

  • Voltage sensing range : 415V AC to 765 kV AC
  • Voltage Detection : a. Audible, b. Visible
  • Light source : High intensity LED
  • Sound Source : Electromagnetic Piezo
  • Battery life : ON (Self test) 120+ Hours
  • ON (Alarm on) 90+ Hours
  • Battery : 9V
  • Insulation : 500M at 1kV
  • Protection : IP 54 Certified
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