Winding temperature Indicator & Oil Temperature Indicator


The longevity and performance of transformers are of paramount importance. To ensure that these vital components operate seamlessly, two acronyms are instrumental: WTI, which stands for Winding Temperature Indicator, and OTI, which stands for Oil Temperature Indicator. These essential instruments serve as the eyes and ears of transformer systems, continuously monitoring winding and oil temperatures.

WTI, or Winding Temperature Indicator, is a critical component of transformer monitoring systems. Its primary function is to provide real-time insights into the temperature of the transformer’s winding coils.

WTI’s role is crucial in preventing overheating and potential damage to transformers. It continuously observes the temperature of the winding coils, which are vulnerable to excessive heat due to factors like overloading or insulation degradation. When abnormal temperature variations are detected, WTI takes immediate action, triggering alarm systems, trip mechanisms.

The insulating oil within a transformer serves as both a coolant and an insulator. To maintain optimal performance, it must operate within a specific temperature range. OTI monitors the temperature of this oil and, like WTI, operates on thermal imaging principles. When it detects deviations from the desired temperature range, OTI activates alarm systems. By doing so, it ensures that the insulating oil remains at an ideal temperature, safeguarding the transformer’s functionality and longevity.

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  • Enclosure is designed for IP-55 protection.
  • Isolated 4-20mA and RS-485 remote outputs.
  • 85-440 VAC/DC Universal power supply. Due to this wide range supply TPR-702 performs well in phase imbalance condition.
  • Display Top Oil and 2 Windings (HV & LV) temperatures simultaneously.
  • CT and dT(Gradient) are site selectable.
  • Fully user programmable.
  • Maximum temperature storage capacity and reading can be recalled after power fails.
  • Facility is provided to reset maximum temperature for fresh recordings.
  • Fault indication is provided for Sensor open, short, over or under temperature conditions.
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