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Fiberglass hotsticks,Shotgun Sticks & LOAD-RANGER® XLT Load Break Tool

Lineman safety tools by Utility Solutions

Utility Solutions is a designer and manufacturer of hot line tools and products for the electrical power industry based in US.

Fiberglass hotsticks

Fiberglass hot sticks are a lineman’s best friend. They allow safe contact with energized equipment because of their insulating ability. All sticks are not created equal. Unlike conventional woven mat, the patented non-woven fiberglass is unidirectional which creates a smoother surface easy to keep clean and meet standards. The Fiberglass Hot Stick line uses epoxy resin, which is the most water-resistant, durable, and longest-lasting resin available and has superior electrical properties. The sticks have very high resistance to failure due to water absorption or delamination. Insulation capacity of 100 kv per feet provides more insulation the more extended. Specially designed button interlocking between the sections provides easy and firm extension and contraction.

Shotgun Sticks

Shotgun stick also known as grabbing tool is a safety tool for lineman to grab any charged equipment from a safe distance electrically isolated. It also helps to install or take away any item inside the arching zone and function as an extended hand. Some of the features include:

  • Replaceable hanger hooks.
  • Patented BLUE STRIPE® feature. When the stripe is facing up, the stainless-steel hook will open downward minimizing accidental drops.
  • Stainless steel operating hook.
  • Multiple rod guides ensure smooth operation.
  • High performance closed cell foam prevents water absorption (external rod models).
  • Rubber Boot, spline end, socket adapter or quick connect options available

LOAD-RANGER® XLT Load Break Tool

Load break tool is a fuse pulling tool under live condition without the requirement of line shutdown. Thus an uninterrupted power supply for the other sections where the fuse replacement is not taken place. Completely local isolation for maintenance works or fuse replacement. The normal method of pulling barrel fuse carrying high amperage current can cause sparks and damage to the fuse joints. Load Ranger is designed in such a way that it will take the entire load through it while fuse pulled out then disconnect inside while engaged into operation and the arc produces get quenched inside the equipment. It is rated of 600A over a voltage range of 27kV-36kV, an analog counter has provided to understand the number of operations performed. Easy reset with a single button press. Designed light weight under 5 pounds, easy to attach with any hotstick with universal connector.

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