Ultrasound Scanning of Transmission line components and Substation equipment


Ultrasound is the sound with frequency higher than our audible range, i.e., above 20000 Hz which is not audible to human ear. Most of the power equipment / parts emits various type of sound in case of any minor defects. basically, when there is electrical arcing / Corona discharge / punctured insulators or loose hardware, Ultrasound is emitted. Also, defective transformer bushing or Lightning Arrester emits Ultrasound. So, analysing this gives us immense information, useful in diagnosis of the healthiness of these equipment’s.

Ultrasound Inspection

We Taurus Powertronics offer Ultrasound Scanning of Transmission line components and Substation equipment such as Surge Arresters, Transformer, Insulators, Joints, Circuit Breaker etc. These equipments emit different type of high frequency sound in case of any defect. With the help of our Ultrasound device this noise is captured and recorded. Using special software this noise is further analyzed to find out the exact cause of the fault / defects.


This latest technology provides very fast, easy and low-cost early detection of different faults in majority of the equipments in substation and different components of transmission line. The stored data (audio file) can be used for further investigation and training purpose. Our engineers have developed an ear to listen ultrasound and distinguish different sound patterns and identify the problem with the help of Ultrasound software.

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