Thermal Camera

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Application field: Thermography Power system, Solar energy, Industrial process, Building inspection.

GUIDE B series is an efficient, budget-friendly and completely equipped infrared thermal imaging camera. This robust and very handy high-tech system thanks to its intuitively learnable handling and user-friendly single hand operation, which makes it an ideal tool for troubleshooting electrical installations, mechanical components, buildings, process equipment, HVAC/R equipment and more.

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  • 3.5” large screen with no image cropping, high brightness screen to show image with no detailed information lost even outdoor or in highlight
  • Four image presentations--IR, visible, PIP and MIF
  • Standard Micro USB interface for data transmission and charging
  • Rugged and compact design, metal internal structure
  • Removable Large capacity Li-ion battery, 4 hour working time
  • Optional Wi-Fi connection with notebook or mobile

IR Analyzer on PC terminal
Images capturing by an infrared camera is only the first step of an infrared inspection. Guide IR Analyzer will help you accomplish the full inspection process until a professional report is submitted.

  • Various images and videos resources
  • Image processing
  • Video analysis
  • Preference settings
  • Report generation in PDF or WORD format

Technical Specifications

  • IR Resolution- 320×240
  • Detector type-vox
  • Frame rate-25Hz/9Hz
  • Focus-FOCUS FREE
  • Resolution-640×480, Automatic
  • Display-3.5" highlight LCD screen, 320×240
  • Image modes IR image, Visible image,MIF,PIP
  • Digital zoom 2X,4X
  • Colour palettes 6:White Hot, Iron Red, Hot Iron, Arctic, Rainbow 1, Rainbow 2
  • Temperature range -20℃-150℃,100℃-650℃(Auto switching)
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