SF6 Gas Handling Plant

SF6 Gas Handling Plant

Description: Beacon SF6 Gas Handling Plant (GHP) is the most suitable device for Recovery, Storage,Purification, Drying, Filtering and Refilling of SF6 Gas.

The unit is equipped with an enhanced high pressure, totally oil-less compressor customizable as per the requirement / desired technical specification. The technology is highly suitable for liquification of SF6 Gas even in the warmer climates catering to the needs of Power Sector and other industries across the world.

GHP is an ideal unit for handling suitable volume of SF6 Gas used in Circuit Breakers / GIS / Transformer Bushing. The unit is remarkably easy to operate with only two valves and hose connections for carrying out all the activities. The unit is also extraordinarily suitable for consolidation of
SF6 gas from fractionally used SF6 vessels into single vessel

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The service cart is designed to carry out all necessary functions with SF6 Gas Handling.

  • Recovery and Storage of SF6 Gas
  • Direct Liquification of SF6 Gas in SF6 cylinders or storage tanks
  • Automatic cleansing of SF6 Gas during recovery and filling
  • Pressure regulated discharge for safe transfer of SF6 Gas
  • Evacuation of Air and Moisture via high capacity vacuum pump

Technical Specifications

  • Oil Free Compressor (Final Pressure up to 50 BarG, final pressure during recovery <50 mbar)
  • High pressure, direct drive oil-Less compressor, safety switch set at up to 50 BarG
  • Oil free compressor capable of evacuation up to 20" Hg during recovery to ensure minimum gas loss
  • Onboard vacuum pump to create final vacuum < 1mbar, with anti-suck back valve
  • Customizable storage capacity along with the equipment as per the requirement
  • Facility for purification, drying and filtration of SF6 up to 0.1 microns during recovery and re-filling
  • Pressure Reducer
  • Two 6 m long or suitable length as per the requirement, wire braded hoses
  • Operating Voltage 415 V AC (50Hz) - Availability of other voltages as well
  • Complete unit with power cord of suitable length
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