PS Series

PS Series

Description: The Guide PS Series high -performance thermal camera is designed to make the inspection, maintenance and troubleshooting work easier, faster and more accurate .

It adopts a new generation of uncooled IR focal -plane detectors, which provides sharper thermal images and higher measurement accuracy . With its rotatable lens and screen structure, up to 13 million pixels visible light camera module, high precision rangefinder, and supplemented by some professional functions such as AI recognition naming, intelligent area measurement, flexible emissivity settings by areas, super -resolution reconstruction, strive to meet the needs of every thermography experts

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The service cart is designed to carry out all necessary functions with SF6 Gas Handling.

  • With a new generation of focus motor and professional laser rangefinder, 1-touch autofocus in 0.4 secondo
  • Upgraded visible light camera, flagship model up to 13 million pixels, supports infrared and visual imaging dual-channel video recording
  • Support AI voice recognition, text photo recognition and typing, convenient for customizing the image name
  • Optional lenses are available such as macro/wide-angle/Medium telephoto lens/ telephoto lens, support automatic calibration, easy to replace
  • Support cloud services, upload local images to the cloud at any time, for remote analysis and problem feedback
  • Support cloud services, upload local images to the cloud at any time, for remote analysis and problem feedback
  • -40°C ~ 2000°C ultra-wide temperature range, support automatic switching, suitable for more application scenarios

Technical Specifications

Model PS400 PS600 PS610
IR Imaging Performance
Detector type 384 ×288@17μm, VOx 640 ×480@17 μm, VOx
Spectral 7.5~14μm
Frame rate 30Hz/9Hz
NETD 45mk 40mk 30mk
Lenses Options ( * Focal length/ FOV / IFOV / Min focus distance # FOV / IFOV / Working distance @ FOV )
Standard Lens* 15mm/24.9 °x18.7°/1.13mrad/0.15m 25mm/24.6 °×18.5°/0.68mrad/0.3m
D:S (Standard Lens) 885:01:00 1470:01:00
Wide Angle* 7.78mm/48.1 °x35.9 °/2.19mrad/0.1m 13mm/45.4 °×34.8 °/1.31mrad/0.15m
Telephoto* 33mm/11.2°x8.4 °/0.52mrad/2m 55mm/11.3°×8.5 °/0.31mrad/2m
Ultra -Telephoto* 50.7mm/7.3 °×5.5 °/0.34mrad/4m 85mm/7.3 °×5.5 °/0.2mrad/4m
Macro Lens # 67mm/23.3mm*17.5mm/60.7 μm 67mm/23.3mm*17.5mm/37.5 μm
High Temp @ 24.9 °*18.7 ° 24.6 °*18.5 °
Focus 1-touch fast autofocus, support electric/manual focus switch
Lens Identification Automatically identify and calibrate the lens without manual switching
Image Presentation
Visual Image 8 million pixels, autofocus 13 million pixels, autofocus
LCD Display 5″,1280 ×720 High Light Touch Screen
Viewfinder 1280×960 LCOS Screen
Image Mode IR image/Visual image/PIP/MIF
Digital Zoom 1×~10× continuously 1×~35 × continuously
Color Palettes 8 Color Palettes, and customizable 10 Color Palettes, and customizable 12 Color Palettes, and customizable
Super -resolution 4× Super -resolution, 768 x 576 4× Super -resolution, 1280 x 960
AI Voice Naming Support AI voice naming, AI text recognition naming (text can be recognized by taking pictures), and typing
Professional Laser Rangefinder The distance between the thermal camera and target is automatically measured and displayed on the thermal image
Temperature Measurement for Areas Automatically measure the area of the boxes and circles
Smart Stroke Automatically outline the target contour by setting the area and tolerance (color difference between two pixels)
Measurement Corrections Support emissivity correction, atmospheric transmittance correction and optical transmittance correction
Level Span Automatic, semi -automatic, manual
Panorama Image Mosaic N/A YES
Cloud Service Support local and cloud data upload and download
Temp Measurement Range Support auto -switching, Filter 1: -40 °C~150°C; 2:100°C~800 °C; Optional 700 °C~2000 °C(High temperature lens required)
Accuracy ±2°C~±2%, whichever is greater ±1°C~±1%, whichever is greater
Temp Measurement Area (IR/PIP) spot × 12, line × 12, area × 12 spot ×16, line ×16, area × 16 spot ×16, line ×16, area × 16
Analysis Storage The analysis object can be saved with the image (spots, lines, areas)
Auto Max & Min Temp Tracking (IR / PIP) It can track the highest temperature/lowest temperature/average temperature of the whole screen and the analysis
object at the same time
Isotherm Up and down, centered interval
Temperature Alarm Automatic alarm (image and sound) when exceeding the alarm temperature threshold, and supports the area alarm
Image Storage Built -in 64G, external SD card supports up to 64G
Image Format Picture format JPG (with temperature information)
Video Format MP4 (without temperature information) or IRGD (with temperature information)
Dual -path Recording Support simultaneous recording of visible light and infrared video (with temperature data), support manual
storage/timing storage
Hardware Flashlight, laser (laser indication, ranging, focus), WIFI, microphone (adjustable volume), speaker (adjustable volume),
electronic compass, GPS, light sensor, Bluetooth
Interface TYPE-C (used to transmit native image data with PC), power supply (12V), SD card, Gigabit Ethernet, Micro HDMI,
tripod interface
Battery Rechargeable lithium battery (according to UN38.3 certification); can work for 4 hours (comprehensive working time);
with sleep mode
Working Temperature Working temperature: -20 °C~50°C Storage temperature: ﹣40 °C~70°C
Encapsulation IP54
Size/Weight 206mm ×145mm ×135mm, 1350g
Certificates CE, FCC, ROHS, KC, UN38.3
Thermal Camera, Lens Cover, 2 Lithium Batteries, Power Adapter, Adapter Plug (5), TYPE -C to USB cable, Micro HDMI to HDMI cable, Network Cable, Quick Start Guide, User Manual, Data Download Card, SD Card (64GB), Shoulder Strap,
Standard Accessories Safety box, Calibration Certificate
Optional Accessories Lithium Battery, Carrying bag, Cradle Charger, Bluetooth Headset, Extended Lens, Lens Bag
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