PDD 100 S


Application field: The Insulator partial discharge detector is a state of the art technology used by NASA. The Parabolic design of the disc helps to maintain and detect ultrasound from safe distance of 100 Metres. Enhanced ultrasound detection is provided to the device, by combining the features of the already proven Ultra sound sensing technology with extended range and sensing capabilities. A pistol like grip laser pointer, and rifle sights make the Insulator partial discharge detector easy to handle and use.

Application of this technology is quick check of the defects of the insulators in the Transmission towers and Substation network. This also can detect the partial discharge at CTs, PTs, Power Transformers, Lightning arrester, Gantry Insulators, Circuit breaker, Indoor Transmission Transformer, HT Panel, Switchgear, Pot Head terminations etc. partial discharge at the control room panel board can also be detected.

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  • Hand held Gun Type with laser Light
  • Range 100 meters
  • Analog meter with Spectrum graph
  • Sound Capture and Report Generation
  • Battery Operated
  • Noise free Headset
  • Detect Ultrasound of 40kHz±1kHz
  • It identify origin of Ultrasound from a distance of 90 Meters
  • It identify partial discharge under DCDB panels from a distance of 5 meters under closed condition.
  • Battery life: >45 hours
  • Software for Sound recording and analyzation
  • Laser Light to work at night

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions : Dish Diameter : 13” (330 mm) Overall : 21” x 17” x 1.26”(533 x 432 x 32 mm)
  • Weight : 45 oz (1.3 kg) (without Ultrasound receiver)
  • Power Supply : Two (2) Standard AAA Alkaline Batteries (for laser)
  • Battery Life : > 45 Hours
  • Sensitivity : Minimum Intensity 10 w/m , Minimum ultrasonic pressure 2.0x10 Pa @40 kHz
  • Distance of Reception : Up To 100 meters
  • Frequency Bandwidth : 1.8 – 2.2 kHz @ level 0.7 (or -3 dB)
  • Working Resonance Frequency : 40 kHz +/- 1.5 kHz
  • Operating Temperature Range : - 4° to +130° F (-20° to +54° C)
  • Controls : Laser Trigger On / Off Switch
  • Warranty : 1-year parts & labour Extended warranty available
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