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Dissolve Gas Analyzer

Monitoring & Diagnostics

The use of Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) as a method for determining the types of pending or occurring faults within power transformers has been in practice for many years. It has been proven that the generation of certain gases within a transformer is an excellent indicator that a failure is pending. An oil sample is taken and tests presence the gases, which determines the types and level of faults.

Two types of DGA are available as follows:

  • Kelman Online DGA is a dedicated 24/7 monitoring solution.
  • Kelman Portable DGA in which collected oil sample from site tested and results are available in printed/ softcopy.

GE uses PAS (Photo Acoustic Spectroscopy) technology designed for stability without calibration. This method eliminates consumables, carrier or calibration gas and frequent recalibration not required. Equally applicable to mineral oil or ester-based fluid filled transformers.

Kelman Portable DGA (Transport X²)


Portable 7 fault gas + moisture DGA analyser. Built-in thermal printer and computer with large touch LCD screen. Provides ppm results and analysis using common DGA diagnostic tools. Only 11Kg, no carrier gas. Can be carried as hand luggage on a plane.

  • Equivalent to having a DGA lab in a box
  • Quick set up. Get results from a manually taken oil sample in <30 minutes
  • Easy to use by a trained operator, no need for a laptop
  • Ideal partner when dealing with an alarm from a single gas DGA monitor as it provides
  • on-site diagnostics
  • Supports mineral oil, ester-based fluid and Buchholz gas samples

Kelman Online DGA

Single as well as multi gas analyzers are available to choose as per the requirement. Available variants are as follows :

Hydran 201Ti

Hydran 201Ti

Simple but effective, with gas level readout, alarm relay contacts, 4-20mA analogue outputs and Modbus over RS-485 serial data communication. Optional display repeater for high level mounting.

Hydran M2-X

Hydran M2-X

As per the 201Ti but with added moisture in oil measurement and wider range of communications options (including Ethernet) and protocols (DNP3, IEC*61850). Can also connect additional sensors and run transformer models. Versions available for Ester based insulating fluids.



9-gas DGA specifically designed for monitoring three single phase transformers in close proximity.

DGA 900

Hydran 201Ti

Next generation expandable platform using 4th generation PAS. Offers 9 gas DGA: all 7 diagnostic gases plus Oxygen (O₂), Nitrogen (N₂) and moisture in oil. Colour LCD and Web-page server. Industry leading 30 minutes rapid mode. Clever two-enclosure design.



Entry level multi-gas DGA measuring Hydrogen (H₂), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Acetylene (C₂H₂) plus moisture.

DGA 500

DGA 500

Based on the Transfix platform, offers 5 discrete gases plus moisture and enables Duval’s Triangle. The same gases as Minitrans plus Ethylene (C₂H₄) and Methane (CH₄).



9-gas DGA for monitoring main tank and OLTC related tanks where gas concentrations are different. Uses unique dual manifold system to avoid oil mixing.


MS 3000 system

“All-in-one” transformer monitoring solution that combines online data from all transformer components with sophisticated analytics to form an aggregate view of the transformer’s health and provide an accurate expert diagnostic for continuous peace of mind.

  • A modular system that adapts to the transformer and the monitoring needs
  • Suitable for all types and makes of transformers, new or retrofit
  • Maximises transformer availability, reliability and performance at lowest life-cycle cost through monitoring of all transformer main components
  • Connects with a single or multi gas monitor for DGA
  • Covers the other causes of possible transformer failure using:
  • IEC/IEEE* transformer models
  • Bushing monitoring
  • Cooling system monitoring and control
  • OLTC motor drive mechanical condition supervision
  • UHF PD and transients detection
  • Integrates any other sensor present on the transformer (oil level, oil pressure, oil temperature, load, winding temperature, Buchholz relay gas level, etc…)
  • Assesses and classifies the condition of the transformer into one single health/risk score
  • Provides alarms, diagnostics and suggested next steps using a web-page server HMI.


Intellix BMT 330

System provides % change in Capacitance C1 and relative Power Factor (tan delta) with respect to the “as new” nameplate values. Also detects the presence of Partial Discharge (PD) activity in the bushings and the transformer main tank.

  • Stand-alone system that continuously monitors the condition of up to six transformer bushings (HV and LV).
  • Uses taping point adaptors specifically designed for each bushing/tapping point
  • Adaptors guarantee that:
    • bushing remains earthed if cable becomes open circuit
    • voltage at remote end of cable is always limited
    • any oil leaking remains sealed in the adaptor.


CB Watch 3

Modular and configurable. Monitors operation timing, SF6 gas leaks, arcing contact wear, coil current, rewind/pump motor current and cabinet temperatures by adding more modules and sensors. Rich in features:

Web HMI, Ethernet, F/O, IEC 61850 and Comtrade files.

  • Compact, modern and modular online monitoring device for most brand/type of HV circuit breaker
  • Measures and checks key parameters every time the circuit breaker operates and continuously monitors other values in-between operations
  • Used to keep ageing assets operating while extending maintenance intervals and reducing the risk of “failure to operate”
  • Detects gas leaks early to reduce costly SF6 releases to the atmosphere.
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