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Product Description:
TAURUS OHMEGA Insulation Tester Analyser incorporates advanced microprocessor circuitry, array processors and sophisticated induction suppression modules that categorizes the Taurus OHMEGA High Voltage Insulation Tester as the most preferred equipment for measuring insulation values on various components of sub-station, both in lab and switch yards. Taurus OHMEGA Insulation Tester is the only equipment that provides complete induction suppression, providing the user with accurate and repeatable readings in an induced power station environment. It is extremely simple to use. Automatic / Hot Keys for all test performed like computation of IR test, DAR Ratio, PI index, DDR test, Step Voltage test. Available in configurations that would meet various applications in switch yard, control room and laboratories etc.

Taurus Powertronics manufactures insulation testers designed to test the quality of insulation up to 5000V (5kV) test voltages required for testing large motors, generators, transformers and cables. These are digital meters which can be operated using either AC power or battery power. We have different models which measures insulation resistance from GΩ and TΩ ranges. All models offer multi-functional capability, Capacitance measurements along with Insulation Resistance, DAR, PI, DDR, and RAMP and performs Step Voltage tests. These are rugged instruments built into portable cases which can be used under any rough environmental conditions.

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  • Ruggedly designed to perform accurately under highly induced conditions of power stations
  • Standard 2TΩ, Upgrade up to 35TΩ range
  • Continuous variable output voltage standard 0.5kV to 5kV with selectable steps
  • Automatic 60seconds IR recording
  • Automatic Di-electric absorption ration (DAR) computing
  • Automatic Polarisation index (PI) computing
  • Automatic step voltage test
  • Optional Dielectric Discharge Test
  • Optional Ramp Test
  • Optional Capacitance measurement
  • PC interfacing with Software & printing options
  • Compact, portable, mains & battery operated

Technical Specifications

Country of Origin INDIA
Model Name/Number IT 5A10
Usage/Application Industrial
Display OLED
Features 35 Tera Ohm
Storage Temp Range -20 to 60°
Reference Temp Range 20°
Storage Humidity 95%
Operating Humidity -10 to 60°
Protection IP 67
Weight 6 kg
Dimension 270X246X124 mm
Range Selection Automatic
Overload Indicator Yes
Battery Type Li ion
Battery Life 8hr in single charge
Low Battery Indication Yes
Accuracy 5%
Charging Time 4 hrs
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