Comply with Maximum 1000V PV Generation Systems

Increased the applicable circuit voltage up to 1000V from 600V of previous model.

Can measure accurate insulation resistance even during generation

This instrument displays and memorizes the average leakage current by utilizing the generated voltage on solar battery panel for insulation resistance measurement (Patent Pending). No loading to modules and circuits due to no voltage application.

No need to remove surge absorber, etc.

Can measure insulation resistance without removing surge absorber, etc.
Can make operation works efficiently and prevent forgetting relocations.

With function to discriminate insulation deteriorated part

Can distinguish deteriorated part by inputting module numbers, in case of measured values less than 1MΩ and can find deteriorated part immediately.

Technical Specifications

Measuring Function : Generated Voltage, Insulation Resistance (between P phase/N phase/PN phase/Module)
Measuring Ranges : Voltage : DC0.01~999.9V
Resistance : 0.01~19.99MΩ
Accuracy : Voltage : ±1%rdg±10dgt
Resistance : 0.01~10MΩ ±5%rdg
: 10.01~19.99MΩ ±10%rdg
Judgement Method : When insulation resistance becomes less than 1MΩ, Red LED lamp will lighten and in case of no problem for resistance value, Green LED lamp will lighten.
Measuring Interval Time : Selecting 30/180/300/600/900sec
Module Numbers : Selecting 2~19
Auto Power-off : Approx. 40 minutes after the final key operation
Circuit Voltage : DC1000V PV Generation Circuit
Operating Temperature : -10℃~+60℃ < 85%RH w/o condensation
Power Supply : AA alkaline battery LR-6 x 4 or AC adaptor (option)
Dimension/Weight : (W)190×(H)140×(D)42mm approx. 600g
Accessories : Voltage input cable ×1set
Carrying case ×1
AA alkaline battery ×4
Instruction manual ×1
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