The world first clamp tester which can detect DC current component in AC circuit



Model 800P is the world’s first clamp meter which can detect small DC current in AC circuit in addition to general AC/DC current measurement.

By using this clamp meter, DC offset surveillance can be made easily in the actual fields like as solar inverters, etc. and it is possible to check if the DC component in AC circuit is less than 1% of the rated AC current or not, according to the regulation.

If DC component flows into transformers

In case, the bias magnetism phenomenon may happen and it may cause DC magnetic flux in the iron core. Consequently, it may possibly have bad influence on the connected apparatus by flowing larger excitation current and there would be possibility of transformer burnout due to the selective heating

Measuring FunctionACA、DCA、DC% in ACA、ACV、DCV
Measuring RangeACA(15A/150A auto)、DCA(15A/150A auto)、%(DCA in ACA)、
ACV(150V/600V auto)、DCV(150V/600V auto)
AC DetectionTrue RMS(Analog Arithmetic Method)
DC Current in AC% Display
AccuracyTolerance:23℃±5℃、less than 80%RH、Conductor to be measured at the center of CT
Range/ Auto Range/ Min. Resolution/ Measuring Range/ Accuracy
DCA/ 15A/ 0.01/ 0.00~15.00A/ ±1.0%rdg±5dgt
DCA/150A/ 0.1/ 15.0~150.0A/ ±2.0%rdg±5dgt
ACA/ 15A/ 0.01/ 0.00~15.00A/ ±1.0%rdg±5dgt
ACA/ 150A/ 0.1/ 15.0~150.0A/ ±2.0%rdg±8dgt
DCV/ 150V/ 0.1/ 0.0~150.0V/ ±1.0%rdg±5dgt
DCV/ 600V/ 1/ 150~600V/ ±1.0%rdg±5dgt
ACV/ 150V/ 0.1/ 0.0~150.0V/ ±1.0%rdg±5dgt
ACV/ 600V/ 1/ 150~600V/ ±1.0%rdg±5dgt
CT Inside Diameterφ23mm
Switching MethodRotary Switch
Measuring MethodCT Clamp Method
A/D ConversionSuccessive Approximation Method
DisplayLCD with annunciator
Over Range Display「OL」mark on LCD
Data Hold「DH」mark on LCD, holding the displayed value
Zero “0” AdjustmentBy press 0SET switch at DCA range,「△」mark on LCD and 0 display
Sampling Rate2 times/sec.
Low Battery Indication「B」mark on LCD in case of less than operation voltage
Circuit VoltageLess than AC/DC 600V(Insulated Conductor)
Operating Temperature0℃~40℃、less than 80%RH (w/o condensation)
Storage Temperature-10℃~60℃、less than 70%RH (w/o condensation)
Withstanding VoltageAC3700V/1 minute, between CT jaw and handle
Safety StandardIEC1010-1、CATⅡ600V
Auto Power-offApprox. 10 minutes after the final operation in power on
Power SupplyAAA size alkaline batteries(LR03×3)
Current ConsumptionApprox. 20mA
Outer DimensionApprox. 48mm×178mm×24mm
WeightApprox. 120g(without batteries)
AccessoriesAAA size alkaline batteries(LR03×3)
Instruction Manual
Test Leads for Voltage Input (Red/Black)
Soft Carrying Case