Detect Corona in Substation and Transmission Line


Taurus STITAM offer it’s services to detect Corona in Substation and Transmission Line using high end daytime Corona Cameras. Corona is partial discharge occurring on conductor, insulators and on equipments in lines and Substation. Corona is formed due to ionization of air where electric field exceeds a critical value and it produces Ozone and Nitrogen Oxide which are corrosive chemicals. During high humidity this oxide creates Nitric Acid which is very corrosive and works like slow poison for the system. Corona damages the area around it and also creates radio interference. It emits UV rays and makes audio noise. Insulators and conductor get damaged due to Corona.

We can detect and pinpoint exact location of Corona even during broad day light and from a distance of 150 meters and above using our cameras. Our cameras can record corona as video or still pictures. These can be displayed immediately or downloaded to a computer. After completion of the work, digital report of Corona Scanning is submitted to the utility on a CD / DVD. Report of abnormal findings are printed and submitted in the form of hard copy.


Save the equipments and tripping of the line / substation. From the surface affected, most of the corona can be removed by hotline / cold line washing method. Corona Scanning can be used as “Quality Check” for Hotline / cold line Washing.

Equipments Used

  • Powerbeam 300 Long Range Ultra Sound Sensor
  • Diagnostic Imaging / UV Inspection Camera
  • DayCor Luminar Professional Corona Testing Camera
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