A “corona camera” used for detecting corona discharge in high-voltage transmission lines is an instrument designed to identify and visualize the corona effect. Corona discharge is an electrical discharge that occurs when the electric field near a conductor exceeds the dielectric strength of the surrounding air, leading to a faint glow or a series of small electrical discharges. Detecting corona discharge is important in high-voltage power systems, as it can lead to power losses, equipment damage, and even safety hazards.

Corona cameras, also known as ultraviolet (UV) or ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) cameras, are equipped with sensors that can detect ultraviolet and sometimes visible light emissions associated with corona discharge. These cameras make it possible to identify and locate corona issues in electrical transmission and distribution systems. By pinpointing areas with corona discharge, maintenance and repair teams can take corrective measures to reduce energy losses and prevent potential equipment damage.

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  • UV filters ‐ Highest UV transmission
  • UV optics – High efficiency + adaptive FOV
  • Precise mechanics ‐ Corresponding responsive engines
  • Electronics and algorithms – Signals processing and functions of Solar blind | Visible blind systems – Highest sun light rejection
  • Hand Held and Tripod mount operated
  • Can be used to detect Corona in Day light as well as in Dark mode
  • Range 150 meters.
  • Sensitivity: 10pC (pico Coulomb)
  • UV, Visible and Combine Mode
  • UV Zoom 2X
  • UV Band Pass Technology

Technical Specifications

  • FUNCTIONALITY – Superb displays corona signals and the discharging sources with indications of the discharge severity.
  • PHYSICAL PROPERTIES – a robust design with IP 54 and electromagnetic shielding. Carried by a supportive harness or mounted on a tripod.
  • MODE OF OPERATION – Manually direct access to functions via keyboard or remotely controlled FIELDS OF VIEW – 5°x3.75°
  • SPECTRAL RANGE SENSITIVITY - 240‐280 Solar Blind 1pC @ 10 m
  • LCD-0.5m 5” OD Folding 6.5" XD Folding
  • WEIGHT-2.2Kg
  • ANNOTATIONS- Text + Audio Visible & UV
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