Application field: The Leaky Insulator Detector (LID) is two-piece hand held non-destructive inspection system which utilizes AC/DC Current sensor and Ultrasonic technology for predictive maintenance. The Leaky Insulator Detector (LID) has a Flexible clamp sensor and Ultrasound Receiver.

The Flexible AC/DC Clamp meter is specially designed sensor to measures the AC/DC leakage current in HVAC/HVDC Towers leg (caused due to the leaky insulator) and if the leakage current is greater than average value of nearby 10 towers, this will provide the primary information that the tested tower has leaky insulator and it is a leaky tower.

Ultrasound Receiver is based on Ultrasound Technology which pick Partial Discharge Ultrasound from a distance up to 100 meters and converts Ultrasound into audible sound with digital graph and analog reading. After leakage current measurement, Ultrasound Receiver is used to scan the insulator strings of leaky tower and pinpoint the phase and position of the leaky insulator.

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  • UV filters ‐ Highest UV transmission
  • UV optics – High efficiency + adaptive FOV
  • Precise mechanics ‐ Corresponding responsive engines
  • Electronics and algorithms – Signals processing and functions of Solar blind | Visible blind systems – Highest sun light rejection
  • Hand Held and Tripod mount operated
  • Can be used to detect Corona in Day light as well as in Dark mode
  • Range 150 meters.
  • Sensitivity: 10pC (pico Coulomb)
  • UV, Visible and Combine Mode
  • UV Zoom 2X
  • UV Band Pass Technology

Technical Specifications

  • FUNCTIONALITY – Superb displays corona signals and the discharging sources with indications of the discharge severity.
  • PHYSICAL PROPERTIES – a robust design with IP 54 and electromagnetic shielding. Carried by a supportive harness or mounted on a tripod.
  • MODE OF OPERATION – Manually direct access to functions via keyboard or remotely controlled FIELDS OF VIEW – 5°x3.75°
  • SPECTRAL RANGE SENSITIVITY - 240‐280 Solar Blind 1pC @ 10 m
  • LCD-0.5m 5” OD Folding 6.5" XD Folding
  • WEIGHT-2.2Kg
  • ANNOTATIONS- Text + Audio Visible & UV
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