Ceram Alloy CL+AC

Corrosion Resistant Coating

METALCLAD CeramAlloy CL+AC is a cutting-edge polymer composite coating system renowned for its exceptional resistance to erosion and corrosion. It serves to repair damaged equipment and safeguard new components from these destructive forces.

This 100% solids, two-component liquid polymer composite, METALCLAD CeramAlloy CL+AC, is employed for the restoration, resurfacing, and protection of various components, offering unparalleled resistance to fluid flow erosion and corrosion.

Once combined, METALCLAD CeramAlloy CL+AC transforms into a thick liquid, eventually curing into a hard, ceramic-like material with an exceptionally smooth surface.

It excels as a high-performance polymer composite for resurfacing and preserving a wide range of fluid flow components, shielding them from the harmful effects of erosion and corrosion.

Application is straightforward and can be accomplished using a brush, roller, or flexible applicator. It does not require heat for curing, boasts an unlimited shelf life, consists of 100% solids, and is both safe and easy to use. METALCLAD CeramAlloy CL+AC is suitable for applications such as heat exchanger tube sheets, water boxes, pumps, valves, pipework, housings, tanks, cooling towers, and more.

Additionally, it meets the qualifications for use in AFFF stations and for safeguarding high-traffic interior passageways.

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