Auger Sampler

Sampling equipment

The coal sampling process is a meticulous operation that adheres to international standards, ensuring precision and reliability. The heart of the operation lies in the sampler’s hydraulic boom arm, equipped with an auger assembly designed to extract coal samples from any location within the truck, reaching depths of up to 2.5 meters.

Once retrieved, the coal sample embarks on a journey through the system. Guided by a slide chute, it enters the sample processing zone. Here, a hammer mill takes center stage, meticulously grinding the sample to achieve a granularity ranging from 0 to 3mm. To further refine the samples for laboratory analysis, a quartering separator comes into play.

Efficiency is key, and the residual sample doesn’t go to waste. It travels along the output belt, accompanied by an Enelex gamma-ashmeter for swift sample evaluation. This immediate assessment ensures that the sampled coal meets the required standards. Following evaluation, the coal seamlessly reintegrates into the technological process, completing the cycle with a commitment to quality control.

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  • Sample retrieving in any depth.
  • Operation with a variety of coal quality, including wet or frost coal
  • Fast sampling cycle time
  • Complete sample processing in one cycle
  • Sample environmental protection
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Only one operator is required
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