Application field: Superb is OFIL’s trouper model for over a decade. Superb is noted for its robust body, simple operation via keyboard commands, outstanding optics, and high sensitivity to UV. DayCor® Superb is fit for outdoors and indoors operation. When outdoors a harness assists in carrying the camera leaving both handsfree to take notes,speak on the phone etc. without losing the focus on the inspected object. When indoors, mainly in HV laboratories, a combination of tripod and a remote control come in. Superb is offered in 2 models: OD with a 5″ adjustable LCD, and XD with an extra‐large adjustable 6.5″ LCD.

A featured keyboard helps operators identify immediately the targeted functions and makes operation intuitive and simplified. Superb is being used by manufacturing companies, owners of substations and high voltage installations, motor workshops, services providers, high voltage laboratories and academies.

Superb is a proven high‐performance corona detection camera, highly demanded by researchers, workshops and testing laboratories. Superb is renowned for is high sensitivity, reliable continuous operation, and high‐quality captured media.

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FUNCTIONALITY – Superb displays corona signals and the discharging sources with indications of the discharge severity. Onboard functions include a powerful zoom for both UV and visible, gain/sensitivity control, corona magnification, manual & auto focus, audio annotation and media playback. A folding adjustable LCD with a hood helps in sunny conditions. Inspection is recorded onto an onboard SD card.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES – a robust design with IP 54 and electromagnetic shielding. Carried by a supportive harness or mounted on a tripod.

MODE OF OPERATION – Manually direct access to functions via keyboard or remotely controlled.

FIELD OF VIEW – 5°x3.75°

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES – Set of lenses for wide field of view and close up. Reporting software, Remote control, Flight table

Technical Specifications

  • SPECTRAL RANGE - 240‐280 Solar Blind
  • SENSITIVITY - picoColoumb (pC) @15 m officially certified
  • RECOMMENDED WORKING DISTANCES - 3‐100m 0.5m with close‐ up lenses
  • FOV - 5º x 3.75º 10ºx7.5º w/ext lens
  • LCD - 5” OD Folding 6.5" XD Folding
  • WEIGHT - 2.2Kg
  • ANNOTATIONS - Text + Audio
  • ZOOM - Visible & UV
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