Pre-Commission Line Check

Signature Analysis

Taurus STITAM offers Digital Inspection of Transmission Line, recording its various aspects, Analysing the condition and finding the faults of the line. The most exciting phase in Transmission Line Construction Project is “Charging the Line”. The new Line can be Charged successfully without any tripping and without ‘Trial & error’ method at first go. In conventional method, there is no guarantee that after rectifying the first fault, more tripping will not happen due to another fault. Hence, we must identify all possible faults and rectify them before charging the Line.

STITAM Signature

We Taurus with our ‘Pre-Commission Line Check’ service will help to Charge the line with 100% confidence, without any anxiety and without any last-minute unpleasant surprises. This will save Time, Money and Reputation of the company. Also, the life of the equipments in substation is enhanced. Using our high-end product EHT 1250 MAX-3, we can identify followings before charging the line:

  • All type of OPEN circuit faults
  • All type of PHASE-to-PHASE faults
  • PHASE to EARTH faults
  • Phase sequence check
  • High Resistance Fault
  • Exact length of the Line (Conductor used)
  • Records the signature of the line for future analysis and maintenance.

The graph generated from the data captured becomes the signature of the line and it can be used to compare with any new development in the line.


Time, money & Equipment Life are saved. Line can be charged 100% successfully on pre-decided date. The Digital Signature (graph) of Line can be referred and used for various Analysis in future. Exact Length of the conductor can be determined. The exact location of the fault can be pinpointed. Minute problem in the line can be identified sitting at one place.

Equipments Used

Line Signature Analyser Max-3

  • Range: up to 1000 kms
  • Power Supply: 15VDC and Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Display: High resolution illuminated LCD display
  • Outputs: Printout in 4 formats, Graphic LCD display & Complete Analysis data to Laptop loaded with TADMA Software
  • Type of Signal Transmission: Pulse
  • Control: Automatic mode and Manual mode
  • Type of Signal Transmission: Pulse

Signature Analysis Graph

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