HVPD Kronos Spot Tester

ELECTROL® type – II transformer Oil

HVPD Kronos Spot Tester


The PDS Insight™ is a portable on-line PD detection unit for condition-based maintenance and substation access safety. Simple to use, our PDS Insight™ handheld unit can be placed in the palm of your hand for safe, reliable testing of MV electrical assets.


This portable diagnostic test unit is designed for detecting PD in all types of in-service plants.

The spot tester is a six-channel, synchronous, battery-powered test unit with a rugged and compact design optimised for field portability.

Quick and easy to set up, it detects the early stages of insulation deterioration, providing an early warning against MV and HV insulation faults, and supports condition-based maintenance schemes, reducing unplanned outages, downtime and maintenance costs.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact, robust and easily transportable system.
  • Battery powered: 8+ hours of operation for testing at remote locations without the need for power supply.
  • Synchronous data capture on 6 channels enables advanced OLPD identification and noise separation for an accurate PD diagnostic.
  • measure in noisy environments and testing more assets at the same time.
  • Data acquisition and advanced diagnostic analysis is performed with HVPD Kronos® software.
  • Software displays data in real time, providing immediate feedback about the insulation condition.
  • Shorter re-visits: HVPD Kronos® software can recall previous setup.
  • Compatible with HVPD’s new OLPD mapping and the HVPD Portable Transponder System for PD site location on cables.
  • Available with a wide range of PD sensors for testing multiple applications.
  • Integrated software selectable hardware filters.
  • Available with a tailored training course to meet customers’ requirements.
  • A complimentary reporting service package with data analysis for 25x files in the first year after purchase.
  • Trend spot test data over multiple visits.

Technical Specifications

PD Data Capture and Processing System
Analogue bandwidth50 MHz
Sample memory (one channel)2MPt
Minimum pulse rise time10 ns
Sample rate100 MS/s
Input channels6x synchronous
Input connection typeBNC
Input filters (high pass)50-60 Hz / 100 kHz / 200 kHz
Suitable PD sensorsHVCC, HFCT, TEV, AA, SMART-TB3™, BTA
Data capture methodSynchronous acquisition on 6x channels
Number of events captured per cycle1000
Trace length in each data capture20 ms (50 Hz power cycle)
TriggerAutomatic, AC line supply, internal mains field detector, external input
Trigger frequency25 – 500 Hz
Battery life (in use)8 hours
Battery life (standby)1-week Interface USB to laptop
Mechanical Specification
Dimensions (width, height, depth)235 x 473 x 419mm
WeightMain unit:< 10 kg
perating temperature range-20°C – +55°C
IP rating (transporting)IP57
Standard Scope of Supply
Scope6x 10m coaxial cable (RG223),2m IEC mains cord, 5m earth cable.
PD pulse waveshape event recognition to remove noiseYES
Signal processing/noise reduction
Pulses are separated automatically by the knowledge-based, pulse wave shape analysis software into the following four categories: cable PD, remote plant/ machine PD, local/ switchgear PD, noise
Data captured/showed
PD peak level, cumulative PD activity and PD Count , 2D and 3D PRPD, plots. Chart, tables and trend view. Colour- based condition criticality rating, 2D and 3D projected events, multiple monitoring experiment
Service contract optionsYES
Service contract optionsYES
Automatic reportPDF report automatically generated
Laptop Specification (minimum)
Operating system64 Bit Windows OS
Memory8 GB RAM
Screen resolution1920 x 1080
Hard disk200 GB