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This digital power recorder can measure voltage, current, active power, power factor which are necessary for power line management and can store all measured data to USB flash memory. After finishing the measurement, pull out the flash memory from the instrument and insert it to the USB port of PC, so that you can take all data into PC and can manage them very easily


Measurement Line : Single-phase/two wires, Single-phase/three wires, Three-phase/three wires, Three-phase/four wires
Measurement Items : Voltage, Current, Active Power, Apparent Power, Power Factor, Frequency, Power integral (KWh).
Measuring Method : Voltage : Standard Clip Sensor for direct source
Current : CT Clamp sensor
Standard/CT-40PB φ40㎜ max. 600A
Option/CT-80PB φ80㎜ max. 1000A
Measurement Range : : Voltage : 0〜500V
Current : 10/50/100/600A (Auto-range)
Active Power : depends on combination of V & A range
Power Factor : 0〜100%
Frequency : 45〜65Hz
Setting of PT : 1〜9999
Setting of CT : 1〜9999
Sampling Rate : 2 times/sec.
AC/DC conversion : True RMS
Crest Factor : Voltage/less than 2 at input voltage more than AC400V Current/less than 2 at full scale input
Display : LCD 20 letters×2 lines
Measurement Interval : 1/5/10/15/30/60 minutes
Memory factor : Measuring Time, Conditions and Average Voltage/Current/Active
Power/Power integral/Power Factor or measuring interval. Memory Output : USB Flash Memory
Other Functions : Measurement Start/End setting, Clock display, Battery Power
Warning display, PT/CT ratio setting
Power supply : AC Adaptor
Measurement Temp. & Hum : 0℃〜50℃ /under 80%RH (without condensing)
storage temperature & humdity : -10℃〜60℃ /under 80%RH (without condensing)
Dimension & Weight : 90(W)×140(H)×42(D)㎜, approx. 800g
Standard Accessories : Voltage Clip Sensor (Red, Black, White, Green) /1 set Clamp-on CTφ40㎜ /3 pcs.
AC adaptor/1pce.
Instruction Manual/1 pce.
Hand Carrying Case/1pce
Optional Accessories : CT-80PB Current Sensor
Measurement items Voltage, Current,Active power, Apparent power, Power factor, Frequency, Energy(kWh), Integrating time, Frequency
Measuring Range "Voltage:0~500V (1 range)
Current:10/50/100/600A (Auto ranging)
Power factor:0~100%
PT ratio setting:1~9999
CT ratio setting:1~9999
Memory USB flash memory
Applicable power system Single phase/2wires, Single phase/3wires
Three phase/3wires, Three phase/4wires
"Single phase/2wires, Single phase/3wires
Three phase/3wires"
Imput method Voltage:Direct input by clip
Current:CT-40PB clamp type CT (Max.600A,φ40mm)
Option :CT-80PB clamp type CT (Max.1000A,φ80mm)
Sampling rate 2 times/sec.
AC/DC Conversion True rms reading
Crest factor Voltage:Less than 2 (At more than AC 400V input)
Current:Less than 2 (At full scale input)
Display LCD,2 lines 20 letters
Recording interval 1/5/10/15/30/60sec.(Selection)
Memory items Measuring time, Measuring condition
Averaged voltage (During interval time)
Averaged current, Averaged apparent power
Averaged active power, Averaged power factor
Other functions Start/stop setting, Clock display
PT/CT ratio setting,LCD contrast setting
Warning indication "OVER" mark for over range indication
"B" mark for low battery voltage
"R"mark during data logging
Auto. power off Approx.5 minute later after last key operation
(Auto power off function is disabled by the connection of AC adaptor, timer setting and logging operation)
Altitude Max.2000m
Input impedance Voltage:Approx. 1MΩ
Current:Approx. 0.8Ω
Standard accessory Voltage input clip(Red,Black,White,Green) 1 set
Clamp type CT (CT-40PB) X 3
AC adaptor X 1
Instruction manual X 1
Hard carrying case X 1
Voltage input clip(Red,Black,White) 1 set
Clamp type CT (CT-40PB) X 2
AC adaptor X 1
Instruction manual X 1
Hard carrying case X 1
Optional accessory CT-80PB Clamp type CT
Withstanding Voltage AC 3700V,50/60Hz,1 minute (between voltage input terminal and case)
AC 1500V,50/60Hz,1 minute (between power supply and case)
Insulation Resistance DC500V,more than 100MΩ(between voltage input terminal and case)
DC500V,50MΩ (between power supply and case)
Operational Temperature 0℃~50℃, Less than 85%RH (Without condensation)
Storage Temperature -10℃~60℃, Less than 80%RH (Without condensation)
Power supply AC adaptor
LR-6(AA size)1.5V alkalin battery X 4
Dimension and weight 190(W) X 140(H) X 27(D)mm,Approx.1kg
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