Chemclad P4C + Eneclad FPS 2000



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Chemclad P4C + Eneclad FPS 2000:

Electrical Safety Flooring-11 kV & 33 kV, for Concrete Flooring

Chemclad P4C is a two-component, water-borne, polymeric adhesion enhancer specifically formulated to help seal concrete/cementitious surfaces and insure optimum interface bonding between the surface and the

Enecon High-Performance Polymer System was selected as the finish coat.

Easy to apply Eneclad FPS seals and protects concrete floors. This extraordinary high-performance polymer composite is extremely abrasion resistant, making it ideal for heavy traffic areas in warehouses, hangars, loading docks, etc. It jackets the surface in a durable, rugged coating that resists forklift traffic, oil, gasoline and many common industrial chemicals.

It is a solvent-free, virtually odour-free, a two-component product specifically developed to solve some of the toughest industrial floor protection problems. It is easily applied by brush, roller or squeegee to a super high-

gloss finish. Non-skid aggregates can be incorporated into the Eneclad FPS to provide a highly durable, slip-resistant surface. Its high-performance polymer system has been specifically formulated for new or old concrete floors. It produces a seamless surface that is easy to clean and easy to maintain.


  • Replace old rubber mats

  • inside panels with low clearances termination end etc​

  • Floor Coating with a non-conductive coating (to replace old method rubber mat)

  • Provide advanced reliable non-conductive safety for the working personnel

  • Also can provide a very good aesthetic look to the control room

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  • Digitrace DC allows tracking and locating of ground faults on live or dead battery systems
  • Fault Location: DIGITRACE is a handy system conceptualized for sensing identification and tracking of all type of faults in DC floating system
  • Fault Indications: Once the fault in DC system is sensed it is indicated instantaneously by a set of voltage meter which also indicates whether the fault is in positive or negative
  • Fault Detection: The probe of the receiver unit when clamped over the live outgoing cables from the DCDB identifies the faulty core with audio visual signal
  • Fault Tracking: The portable receiver unit will then guide the user to the exact point of fault on the cable
  • Higher Return on Investment: With its remarkable capability to sense and track all type of faults in DC floating system under any challenging situation, Digitrace can locate faults faster, accurately and more precisely than any other systems

Technical Specifications

  • Operating Voltage: 230 V AC and Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Range of fault resistance detection: up to 400 KΩ on both positive and negative
  • Distance of detection: 3 KM
  • Output: Low voltage, low frequency coded pulse
  • Indication: Audio visual indication and Special fault LED counter
  • Noise immunity: Immune to 50 Hz noise (fault finding free from 50 Hz disturbance (15 amps)
  • Housing: Portable IP 67 pelican casing
  • Usage/Application: Precise identification of earth faults on any floating DC system in On Line condition
  • Battery Capacity: >8hours
  • Display: Digital Display
  • Material: PVC
  • Operation Temperature: -5 to +55 degree C
  • Sensitivity: up to 400 Kilo Ohms and upgradeable up to 1.5 Mega Ohms
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