Application field: DIGITRACE DC simplifies the tracking of ground faults on floating DC systems in power station. It’s an advanced sensing system which precisely identifies and pinpoints the complex earth faults on any floating DC system in ON-LINE condition. The fault resistance range is up to 400kΩs. It is capable of finding faults in a maze of noise and other mimicking fault conditions, source of which is perplexing and misleading. It is a portable system comprising of two units : Transmitter unit and
Receiver unit

DC floating System is an important part of any power station. Any earth faults on DC System can disturb the sensitive functioning of control, Protection circuit units. Like trip relays, breakers and annunciators etc., there by affecting the stability of the power system network. Tracing earth faults in offline condition will interrupt the functioning of critical control circuitry and it is highly recommended to have an online DC Earth Fault Locator to find out the faults ON-LINE

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  • Digitrace DC allows tracking and locating of ground faults on live or dead battery systems
  • Dead Fault: Permanent dead fault with 100 % imbalance of voltages either on Positive or Negative side
  • Multiple Location DC Earth Fault: In general, most of the existing & new sub stations commonly we used to come across various earth leakage paths i.e. in Multiple feeders having Low, Medium & High resistance Faults. Taurus DC Earth Fault Locator is ONE STOP solution to detect & Pin points the Low, Medium & High Resistance Faults
  • DC Mixing Fault: This mixing Faults occurs due to poor workmanship during construction & mixing may happen due to failure of Change over switch, Trip coils & Interlocks. Source mixing of Faults creates unwanted tripping during operation of switchgear due to S1 mixing with S2. This Problem is commonly finding in various substations. If any chance leakage occurs in S1 will be reflected in S2 due to mixing of sources
  • High Resistance Fault: Capable to identify the High Resistance Faults in Live switch yards up to 765kV level.
  • Temporary /Transient Fault : The type of fault which will occur temporary and this will not be permanent. This situation may occur during rainy seasons. Upon occurrence of the leakage by connecting Taurus – DC Earth Fault Locator can easily identify the Earth Leakages very accurately by using Highest sensitivity Clamp on Ct’s
  • High Magnetise Noise: DC earth fault at switch yard with high Magnetise area. Due to capacitance and Inductance affect, it is complicated to trace the DC earth fault. Taurus Digitrace DC is designed with automatic capacitance balance to nullify the effects of capacitance in a system

Technical Specifications


  • Power Supply : 230 V +/- 10% AC, 50 Hz +/- 5% / built-in Li-Ion Heavy Duty Rechargeable Battery
  • Digital Display : for system voltages
  • Operating frequency : Very Low Frequency, less than 12 Hz
  • Output voltage : Auto selected ≤ 24 V
  • Can be connected to any floating system from 20 VDC to 400 VDC
  • Output current : ≤ 3mA


  • Power Supply : Built-in Li-Ion Heavy Duty Rechargeable Battery
  • Calibrated to operating frequency of Transmitter
  • Sensitivity up to 100 kΩs, upgradeable upto 1.5 MΩs
  • Immune to 50 Hz and its harmonics
  • Fault tracing up to 1 km (Optional 3 kms)


  • Transmitter Charger Adapter – 1 No.
  • Two core DCDB positive and negative connecting cable – 1 set
  • Transmitter Earthing cable – 1 No.
  • Sensor Probe small – 15 mm dia (225 sq mm)
  • Sensor Probe big – 50 mm dia (2500 sq mm)
  • Two core connecting cable to connect receiver to sensor probe – 1 set
  • Receiver unit charger – 1 No.
  • Instruction Manual – 1 No.

Atmospheric Condition

  • Operating & Storage temperature : -5 C to +55 C
  • Relative Humidity : 95% non condensing


  • CPRI- IEC60068-2-27, IEC60068-2-6 IEC60068-2-78. Vibration, Shock, Bump, Damp heat & steady state test. ( CPRI Lab).
    IEC61000-4-2/2018 Electrostatic discharge immunity.IEC61000-4-8/2009 Power Frequency Magnetic Field immunity.
    IEC61000-4-3/2010 Performance test.
  • IEC610101 – Safety

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