Application field: The APEX-D is a revolutionary innovative system significantly minimize the transmission line downtime and overall line maintenance time. APEX-D is the third generation, one of its kind product that works on the principle of multiple pulse echo co-relation technique, using advanced matrix processors. A single system offers a cost effective monitoring of all DC overhead de-energized lines providing accurate information on all faults and line signature analysis, which give data of all inhomogeneous points.

The overhead HVDC Power Line Fault Analyser System is designed & developed to be utilized as a precise fault locating tool for main lines with extended applications of line healthiness study, pre-charging and pre-commissioning checks.

Deployment of the HVDC Power line fault analyser at each substation ensures optimal uptime of the HVDC power line network. This can be achieved through:

  • Enhanced life of the deployed Power Lines
  • Identify any fault during commissioning and trips
  • Faster deployment of power during disaster management situations
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  • Fault & line diagnostics - Fault information and distance to fault in direct reading digital data display in kms and a comprehensive line signature Analysis and diagnosis.
  • Flexibility in utility and application - Portable system that can be used on any de-energized HVDC’s line.
  • Auto calibrated system - Requires no parameter input or pre-setting. Extremely simple operation.
  • Direct reading digital display - No interpretation required.
  • Optimum safety - Engineered both in design and hardware with added safely mechanisms to ensure total safety of the operating personal. Splash proof connector ensures firm interconnections between the system constituents. Complete suppression of stray surges, lightning impact and induction voltages from parallel feeders.
  • Line Simulator - For ascertaining the system’s functional aspects. Also serves as an ideal training kit.
  • Portable system with built -in rechargeable batteries

Technical Specifications

  • Capable of injecting a High Test Voltage & High Frequency in the transmission line for appropriate performance.
  • Capable of locating inhomogeneous points on power lines from +/- 320 +/-500kV to +/-800 kV DC lines.
  • Types of Fault detection
    a. Line open
    b. Line shorting with ground
    c. Line to line fault
    d. de-capping fault
    e. Inhomogeneous points.
  • Fault resolution: +/- 200 meters throughout the range of 1000 kilometers
  • Available in 3000/2000 / 1000 Kms versions.
  • The test kit is compatible for EMI/EMC/safety environment requirement as per IEC.
  • Preloaded operated system: Microsoft 7 Professional or better with latest version of TADMA software required for storage analysis and record mangement.
  • Dimensions : Dish Diameter 13” (330 mm)
  • Overall : 21” x 17” x 1.26” (533 x 432 x 32 mm).
  • Weight : 45 Oz (1.3 kg) (without Ultra sound receiver).
  • Housing : Extruded Aluminum.
  • Power Supply : Two (2) Standard AAA Alkaline Batteries (for laser) and one 9V alkaline battery (for Receiver unit)
  • Battery Life : > 45 Hours.
  • Sensitivity : Minimum Intensity 10-12 w/m2, Minimum ultrasonic Pressure 2.0x10-5 Pa@40 kHz.
  • Distance of Reception : Up To 100 meters.
  • Frequency Bandwidth : 1.8 – 2.2 kHz @ level 0.7 (or -3 dB).
  • Working Resonance Frequency : 40 kHz +/- 1.5 kHz.
  • Operating Temperature Range : -4° to +130° F (-20° to +54° C).
  • Controls : Laser Trigger On / Off Switch.
  • Facility to display result in External Digital device.
  • Measuring Function : AC/DC Leakage/Line Current
  • Measuring Method : Dual Integration Mode
  • Measuring Range : AC/DC 3A/30A/300A/2500A (AC50/60 Hz & DC)
  • Range Selection : 4 Range Manual by Rotary Switch
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