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The Transmission Line Analyzer from Taurus creates a new platform for transmission line maintenance. This revolutionary new future-proof platform significantly minimizes downtime and overall line maintenance time. The system offers cost-effective monitoring of AC overhead transmission circuits on any de-energized line from 66 kV to 1250 kV.

The utility of Overhead Offline Fault Analyzer System-ACCUMAX-3

  1. Commissioning of new Overhead Transmission Line
  2. Management of Existing Overhead Transmission Line

Application of Overhead Offline fault analyzer system-ACCUMAX-3” inline pre-commissioning :

The ACCUMAX-3 serves as a key application tool in documenting line pre-commissioning tests like

  • Line length test
  • Continuity test
  • Phase Sequence test
  • Circuit Verification test
  • Line Healthiness test

Application of Overhead Offline fault analyzer system-ACCUMAX-3” inline Breakdown Maintenance of Existing Transmission lines

The Line Fault Locator unit displays severity and distance of line fault from the testing station/end of the overhead line, with an accuracy of 100 Mtrs. without any input parameter references. The fault locator detects any type of OPEN/SHORT Faults that causes line breakdown [When there is a breakdown, to put back the line in service, we need to find the fault (variable time or can also be a fixed component with a huge time reduction) and fix the fault (necessary fixed time)]

Find the fault – variable time

Fix the fault – fixed time

  • Fix the Fault- A necessary fixed time
  • Find the Fault-Can also be a fixed component with a huge time reduction

Utility of ACCUMAX-3 in Preventive Management

Line Signature Analysis helps in identifying some of the developing problems in a transmission line listed below by serial comparison of LSA’s

  • Conductor corrosion
  • Broken inner/outer conductors
  • Lightning strike conductor damage
  • Loose joints
  • Leaky Insulator
  • The major error in support structures
  • The extra sag of lines
  • Encroachment into a right of way
  • Tree Growth

Utility of ACCUMAX-3 in Preventive Management

Line Signature Analysis helps in understanding the developing faults in the line well in advance by doing serial comparison Line signature data, so that remedial action can be taken before the line breaks down.

“Overhead Offline Fault Analyzer System-ACCUMAX-3 being an auto-calibrated portable system is useful in monitoring & analyzing of critical line condition and performance parameters which includes all types of faults,line healthiness and line component data is analyzed to optimize asset utilization and to improve system reliability and quality of supply.

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  • Fault & line diagnostics- Fault information and distance to fault in direct reading digital data display in kms and a comprehensive line signature Analysis and diagnosis.
  • Flexibility in utility and application- Portable system that can be used on any de-energized line from 66kv to 800kV AC lines. *Upgradeable to Match for 1200kV Lines
  • Auto calibrated system- Requires no parameter input or pre-setting. Extremely simple operation.
  • Direct reading digital display- No interpretation required.
  • Line signature Analysis- Reveals all the inhomogeneity prevalent along the transmission line. Serial comparison of this data enables the user to infer deteriorating points along the line which could be the cause of power loss, frequent tripping and eventual line breakdown.
  • Zoom blanking- Unique capability to easily detect faults in spur lines and other applications with extended range blanking facility.
  • Direct PC storage- No cumbersome interfacing modules to storage units, Review and print only selected frames/ data.
  • TADMA Software- Using TADMA, Line Signature Analysis and its inhomogeneties are automatically tabulated and printed / stored. TADMA instantaneously computes, documents, initiated its diagnostic software, classifies and interprets LSA line study. Customized reference to each & every line including tower schedules optional.


  • Offline Fault Location
  • Power Line continuity test
  • Power line Phase sequence tests
  • Line Signature Analysis study for the entire length of the Power line
  • Line Healthiness Analysis and diagnostics
  • Commissioning of new Overhead Power Lines
  • Virtual Line Patrolling
  • Prediction of inhomogeneous points in the Power line
  • All types of faults & inhomogeneity in the line is located Fault resolution: +/- 200 meters throughout the range of 1000 kilometers

Technical Specifications

  • Capable of injecting a High Test Voltage & High Frequency in the transmission line for appropriate performance.
  • Capable of locating inhomogeneous points on power lines from 66KV to 800 kV lines in selectable versions.
  • Types of Fault detection
    a. Open fault
    b. Sort fault change to Short
    c. Line to line fault
    d. De capping fault
    e. Inhomogeneous points
    f. Indicate faults on the spur lines
  • Available in 2000 / 1000 / 100 Kms versions.
  • 3-Phase Simultaneously – All the three phases to be detected and measured together.
  • Fault resolution: +/- 200 meters throughout the range of 1000 kilometers
  • The test kit is compatible for EMI/EMC/safety environment requirement as per IEC.
  • Preloaded operated system: Microsoft 7 Professional or better with latest version of TADMA software required for storage analysis and record management.
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